Arnold Elementary
Name: Category: Questions/Comments: Responses:
Kiley Brown Comment Need space for lunch and performances N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Locker sharing is not ideal N/A
Kiley Brown Comment More library space for reading N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Need more storage N/A
Anonymous Question – Electrical Is Arnold the only school that does not have a generator in case of emergency? None of our schools are currently hooked to a generator.
Mrs. Patrick? Comment Lockers, bathrooms, lunchroom, lockers in hallway, storage. N/A
Sharon James Question – Library Why not utilize the extra space above the library? Cant that be renovated to make room for storage? Where the alligator poster is at… Definitely a potential
Anonymous Comment Kitchen, storage bathrooms N/A
Anonymous Comment HVAC systems N/A
Anonymous Comment Just needs more room N/A
Dan Cole Question – Classroom Kindergarten room – restroom and sink separate? This is a common configuration in lower elementary classrooms. Kids need to wash their hands frequently. The sink being outside the toilet room allows this to happen and keeps the child under supervision.
Dan Cole Question – Basement How did the basement get so damp? There are many possibilities for this question. High groundwater is evident in this area (neighboring ponds east of the site).
Dan Cole Question – HVAC Why the uneven heat? Steam heat is harder to control than hot water heat.
Dan Cole Question – Security Security entering? We have a buzzer system at the main entrance; all other entrances are secured throughout the day.
Russell Studley Question – Staff How many janitorial person do we have on staff? They do a great job. 7 throughout the district; 3 daytime and 4 nighttime.
Russell Studley Question – Equipment Do the janitors have a floor scrubber in the building? Yes.
Russell Studley Comment Clocks in working order in MS/HS not many. N/A
Anonymous Comment Old windows unsafe/doors N/A
Anonymous Comment Kitchen needs help N/A
Anonymous Comment Gym needs more function. N/A
Anonymous Comment Update tables. N/A
Anonymous Comment Need music room. N/A
Anonymous Comment Need a cooling/heating system. N/A
Anonymous Comment Need handicap N/A
Anonymous Comment Bigger media center N/A
Anonymous Comment Security of building N/A
Anonymous Question – Electrical Cost of complete replacement of electrical equipment which is “nearing end of life”? Costs for each item found in the assessment will be presented after the results of the committee’s prioritization efforts.
Charles DeGroote Comment Improper storage of chemicals among electrical/computer equipment. N/A
Kiley Brown Question – Staff MSDS Sheets??? Not visible where chemicals are stored. MSDS sheets are hanging in a binder in the entrance to the stage (from the hallway) where the main custodial closet is located.
Charles DeGroote Comment Security concerns of having doors not keyed – inaccessible in event of emergency. N/A
Charles DeGroote Comment No yellow safety paint on step off/trip hazards N/A
Charles DeGroote Comment Poor lighting in parking lot N/A
Anonymous Question – Fire Alarm How dangerous is the fire alarm code violations in all buildings? Fire alarm systems should be upgraded at all buildings.
Anonymous Comment Add cafeteria so gym can be used full time. N/A
Keicher Elementary
Name: Category: Questions/Comments: Responses:
Charles DeGroote Comment No yellow paint on steps/trip hazards N/A
Charles DeGroote Question – Security Why no cameras by office? We would like to add cameras in multiple places throughout the school/district and the office is a high priority.
Charles DeGroote Question – Security How are classrooms secured during lock down with glass doors? Doors are locked and closed.
Kiley Brown Comment The hot heaters are dangerous. N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Outside access to music room N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Shared lockers is not ideal. N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Food prep for 5/6 cafe N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Pre-K and child care need to be together N/A
Anonymous Question – Addition When was the connection between Keicher E/W done? Additions were added to the building in 2001
Anonymous Question – District Is child care a money maker for the school budget? It takes up a lot of space. It is a service we provide to our parents, so it keeps/brings students to the district. We have worked to make it a break even budget over the last three years. It has made a little money the last two years that we use to reinvest in the classroom furniture, equipment and toys.
Anonymous Question – Process Can Kids provide input into the updates based on what they experience? Definitely.
Anonymous Question – Site Circulation Why can’t we have a pick-up and drop off from N. Lakeside Dr. if we own all that playground? We could; in the winter we feel it would be an issue with the snow.
Dave Fleming Question – Security Cameras at inside of entrances? We would like to add cameras in multiple places throughout the school/district and the entries are a high priority.
Dave Fleming Comment Mass notification system We do have an all call system for parents and staff
Taria Fleming Comment Hallways to connect buildings cracks at edges. N/A
Anonymous Heating and AC ventilation, doors, parking, bathrooms and ventilation N/A
Anonymous Comment Fix fan. N/A
Anonymous Comment 5th & 6th and 3rd & 4th go out together. N/A
Anonymous Comment Cameras replace doors N/A
Anonymous Comment Move band room inside and put child care and preschool out there. N/A
Anonymous Comment Lockers, bathrooms, gym floor in both gyms, drinking fountains, lunchrooms, high school library. N/A
Russell Studley Question – Safety Why do you want to replace the doors (glass)….yes because of the safety? Correct, it is a safety issue.
Russell Studley Question – HVAC Furnace how old? This will be the third school year for both boilers.
Russell Studley Comment Asbestos in building. N/A
Russell Studley Question – Cafeteria Is stage used at lunch? —–
Anonymous Comment Bleachers need help. N/A
Anonymous Comment Speakers. N/A
Anonymous Comment Temperature control in building. N/A
Anonymous Comment Poor insulation. N/A
Anonymous Comment Lockers not good. N/A
Anonymous Comment Doors need to go. N/A
Anonymous Comment Update music room. N/A
Anonymous Comment Security for building N/A
Anonymous Comment Preschool closer together. N/A
Anonymous Comment Old gym needs help N/A
Anonymous Comment Upgrade kitchen N/A
Anonymous Comment Lunch rooms need help. N/A
Anonymous Comment Bring back ISD kids to preschool N/A
Anonymous Question – Cafeteria What type of heat in cafeteria Steam heat.
Anonymous Question – Cafeteria Lacking insulation in cafeteria? N/A
Anonymous Comment Lacking handrail in 1st and 2nd grade. N/A
Anonymous Question – Lockers Why the shortage of lockers? No lockers have been added in recent years and our student count is up so we have more students than lockers.
Anonymous Comment Updated exit/emergency light. N/A
Anonymous Comment Lockers an issue N/A
Anonymous Comment Not enough bathrooms! N/A
Anonymous Comment Heating and cooling N/A
Anonymous Comment Wheelchair accessibility for bathrooms? N/A
Anonymous Question – Accessibility Why has there not been handicap accessible in the upstairs or downstairs? Accomodations can be made on a single floor level by code in the event of a wheelchair bound student. Use of the second floor would require an elevator be added.
Anonymous Comment Not enough lockers for students in 5th or 6th grade. Very old! N/A
Anonymous Question – Security Why were cameras not put in all the hallways? Budget issue; we have implemented as many cameras as we can within the budget we are currently working with. We prioritized the two swipe entrances over additional cameras.
Anonymous Comment Drop-off and pick-up N/A
Anonymous Comment Why has the glass not been replaced on doors? Major safety concern! Budget issue.
Anonymous Comment N/A
Anonymous Comment Doors not secure by 3rd and 4th gym?? Glass windows where everyone can see in? N/A
Anonymous Comment No security cameras on list. N/A
Anonymous Comment Lockers not addressed N/A
Anonymous Comment Replace interior classroom doors. N/A
Anonymous Comment Replace damaged lockers. N/A
Middle School / High School
Name: Category: Questions/Comments: Responses:
Kiley Brown Comment Girl locker room way too small. N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Ceilings need work N/A
Kiley Brown Comment Need security throughout district N/A
Brian Cyrocki Comment Need new media wing N/A
Brian Cyrocki Comment Need new locker rooms N/A
Brian Cyrocki Comment Need to replace JH gym floor, safety. N/A
Brian Cyrocki Question – District Can you charge the community more to use the pool – does the school lose money to keep the pool in use? We try to keep the cost of the pool affordable. We could definitely increase the cost, but that may cause a drop in use. The school does have to supplement the revenue the pool gets to cover all costs of running the pool.
C. Shelton Question – Electrical What kind of electrical issues does the district experience? Enough or is it an issue? We definitely need to upgrade the electrical capacity. We have done it in spots (Jr. HS gym has new electrical panels) as we are able to afford to and devote human resources to install.
Anonymous Question – Security What is the plan for students in the basement during lock down, fire drill if doors aren’t accessible? There is a exit/exterior door that all students in the basement have access to in the room farthest to the east (it comes out right below the Community Room in the back parking lot).
Anonymous Question – HVAC Is the ventilation in the locker room / basement even safe for students? Current code requires ventilation.
Anonymous Comment Bathroom sinks are a definite issue for that many students. N/A
Anonymous Comment Need to expand library/media center. N/A
Anonymous Comment Update entrances. N/A
Anonymous Comment N/A
Anonymous Comment Upgrade bathrooms and locker room. N/A
Dave & Taria Fleming Question – Asbestos Asbestos basement? Depending on the exact location, some pipe wrap may contain asbestos.
Dave & Taria Fleming Question – Asbestos Asbestos locker rooms? Depending on the exact location, some pipe wrap may contain asbestos.
Dave & Taria Fleming Comment Locker room moisture N/A
Dave & Taria Fleming Question – HVAC HVAC for year round use? None of the buildings have air conditioning currently.
Cheryl DeGroote Comment Basement: egress issues code violations. N/A
Gary Comment Library seating N/A
Gary Comment Personal lighting in the library N/A
Gary Comment Security cameras too far apart N/A
Gary Comment Fire extinguishers N/A
Russell Comment Ventilation in pool and locker rooms. N/A
Russell Question – Safety Glass showcase in the library hallway. Is it a safety concern? It does represent an ADA violation.
Russell Question – District How many kids in wheel chair? Currently we only have one and she is at Keicher.

Question – Roof How are the roofs on this building. There are several spots in need, especially over the locker rooms and also the boiler room. The flashing where new structures have been added needs to be addressed as well. That is true across the district.
Anonymous Comment Bigger band display N/A
Anonymous Comment Faster elevator N/A
Anonymous Comment Easier handicap accessibility N/A
Anonymous Comment Bigger media center and library N/A
Anonymous Comment Pipe wrap in question, vent N/A
Sharm Jones Question – Roof Why is there already a leak in the newer section of the HS near the music room? Some of the flashing that was installed has proven to be troublesome throughout the district when connecting new structures to the existing buildings.
Dan Cole Comment Library too small? N/A
Dan Cole Comment Student project rooms? N/A
Anonymous Question – District Are there enough lockers for every student? Yes, but it is tight.
Anonymous Question – Code What kind of improvement should be considered for the egress code violations in basement? There are currently ADA accessibility violations as well as fire safety exiting concerns that should be address to maintain student occupancy of the basement classroom spaces.
Anonymous Question – Egress Basement exits? We have an exterior exit in the room farthest to the east (it comes out right below the Community Room).
Anonymous Question – Roof The ceiling in the library looks like it is about to fall in? Does it leak? It does not leak currently.
Anonymous Comments Update restrooms N/A
Anonymous Comments Venting N/A
Anonymous Comment Let everyone know who uses the pool N/A
Anonymous Comment Please post open swim signs at Arnold and Keicher; water classes. N/A
Anonymous Comment Boys bathroom junior high hall 2 stalls bent doors. N/A
Anonymous Comment Paint and tile pool area N/A
Anonymous Question – Old Gym How do you recondition gym floor? Sand the wood and refinish.
Anonymous Question – Roof Leaks Why is roof leaking in wrestling room? We have worked to seal a leak from the rooftop heating unit.
Charles DeGroote Question – Roof Leaks Why aren’t roof leaks fixed when they are discovered? Leaks are addressed as soon as we are aware of them. Often times it takes a couple of rains to find the origination point of the water leak
Anonymous Comment Need to fix “the gauntlet” N/A
Anonymous Comment Need a new Athletic complex (turf field, concessions, press box, bleachers). N/A
Anonymous Comment Need a new Auxiliary Gymnasium N/A
Anonymous Comment Need a new second gymnasium (expand the cafeteria into the old gym). N/A
Anonymous Comment A cross county course is needed. N/A
Anonymous Comment Current training space near the locker rooms is inadequate. N/A